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Even if you can’t make the Boodles, it’s possible to get a taste of tennis fever any time at Stoke Park, with a private lesson on one of the 13 courts. The indoor Smart Court has all manor of snazzy specifications, from ball speed measurement to 3D graphical displays and video analysis. But there’s nothing quite like lobbing balls across the outdoor courts in summer, with the sun glowing across the grass..

“I remember waking up the next day after my last competition and feeling like I had run straight into a brick wall,” Johnson recalled. “As an elite athlete, you obsess; you’re a perfectionist over your field. And when you don’t have that to devote every ounce of energy to every day, it’s hard.

GARCIA NAVARRO: I think a defeat of the Brazilian team will throw gasoline on the fire, says Flavio dos Campos, a professor at the University of Sao Paolo, who is an expert on football and politics in Brazil. He says it will be very unfavorable to the government. He predicts Dilma Rousseff who now has a comfortable lead over her opponents in the polls will have to go to a second round in the elections and will struggle to win the presidency.

The moon contains a massive amount of helium 3. In theory this gas could be used as a very highly powerful fuel. The gas is present on Earth but only about 15 tons can be found on our planet. Another day another game. In the post match interview the prop announces. “I just want to thank king jesus for being with us today”.

A smartphone app also lets users manage their system from afar. (Similar tech exists from Abode and SimpliSafe, among others.) Of course, the Secure is plenty capable of guarding a home: if an intruder tries to break or unplug the hub, it will sound an 85 decibel alarm, and companion motion sensors can alert users when a door or window has been opened. Eadicicco.

The sun may stop shining this side of the English Channel but head to mainland Europe and you be sure to find somewhere you can break out in a sweat without having to pay peak season prices. Lisbon average temperature in October is still 22 with many days exceeding that. If you prefer to stay closer to home then think about a British break.

Backstage photo of a model getting dressed at this year Mack Weldon / Raleigh New York Fashion Week presentation. This event featured Mack Weldon products tucked under, and complementing, Raleigh SS line. Boxer briefs, trunks, undershirts and socks were subtly featured beneath Raleigh Denim blue jeans and button downs and Cole Hann footwear.

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