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They can be quite inventive. Do your best to anticipate all this and get it done before getting in bed. And let your child know that once they are in bed, they have to stay in bed.. Because of this disorder, he was incapable of exercising criminal intent, the expert said.A psychologist who testified for the prosecution after repeatedly interviewing Mitchell said he had no mental condition that would have left him unconscious during the attacks, and that he must have consciously planned them.Mitchell’s trial lasted a month but it took the jury less than four hours to return a not guilty verdict.Following Mitchell’s acquittal, some members of the jury panel spoke out saying that they did not believe the sleepwalking defense, but their hands were tied.Daddy’s boy: A defense expert said Mitchell’s stress and lack of sleep likely resulted in a sleep disorder whose sufferers can perform random acts unconsciously including killing his sonSpeaking to the station WRAL, one juror said she was ’embarrassed’ to be a part of this case and compared the experience to being ‘dragged into someone else’s nightmare.’The woman said that she and her fellow jurors had no choice but to acquit Blake Mitchell’s killer of first degree murder.’We would have definitely convicted him of manslaughter,’ the juror said. ‘We felt like our hands were tied.’Referring of Mitchell, whom the prosecution painted as a serial liar and a man desperate to get out of a financial bind, another juror said: ‘I didn’t believe one word out of that man’s mouth.’The general opinion on the jury panel was that the prosecution had to prove malice and intent to get a conviction on a first degree murder charge, but they failed to do it.During the month long trial, defense attorney Jay Ferguson asked Judge James Roberts to allow the jury to consider an involuntary manslaughter conviction, but his request was denied.Free man: Joe Mitchell is pictured here Wednesday evening leaving left the jail accompanied by his lawyer and carrying several garbage bags filled with his possessionsMitchell has never denied strangling his son Blake on the night of September 22, 2010, at the family’s foreclosed home in Hillsborough, North Carolina, but his attorney argued that he did it uncontrollably and without malice while sleepwalking.Prosecutors described how Joe Mitchell tried to push his daughter’s head between her bed and a wall while wearing a Halloween mask. The girl fought back and survived, along with her brother Devin, reported ABC11.Blake, however, was not as lucky.

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