Nike Metcon 2 Colorway Release

Marketers can take a cue from this. Do we bring together the diverse teams of our brand orchestra often enough, to talk about our brand, narrate stories of consumers who love or hate our brand, think about what makes our brand really tick in the marketplace, what elements of the brand we need to significantly improve or keep constant? How often do we get the product development people, the consumer insights people, the advertising and media agencies, all the diverse players, into a single room to think, debate, decide and rehearse together each element of the brand? If we need to create brands that are beautiful and harmonious, then constant rehearsals of our brand orchestra are essential. These rehearsals have to be led, of course, by a conductor who has deep knowledge as well as an intuitive feel for the brand.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIf you’ve ever harboured a suspicion that snotty young hipsters were actually members of some underground army of mindless, marauding zombies, you’ll get a kick out of the latest offering from Toronto soul metal crew Lullabye Arkestra.The husband and wife drums and bass duo he (Justin Small) mans the sticks; she (Katia Taylor Small) handles vocals and riffs will release their second full length album, Threats/Worship, on VICE Records this coming Tuesday (Sept. 1). As a teaser for the forthcoming record, they’ve offered up the highly entertaining video for lead single We F The Night, a thunderous assault of a track that comes at you with a fierce dinosaur stomp of a bassline before Taylor Small lets loose with her brassy howl.From its lighting and aesthetic to its gory subject matter, their video feels like an informal homage to legendary horror auteur George A.

Venkatakrishnan, N. Pattabhi Raman and P V Sundaram. And Ram makes his choice only from the family members in the three houses in a compound that was between Murray’s Gate Road and Eldam’s Road. Too Much Wealth is Unhealthy Said PlatoOnce upon a time, there was a wise man; people called him Plato. He must have been really a wise man, because wise man know what makes a good society. It is another story that unwise people (me, for example!) don’t understand or don’t want to understand what the Wise Men say! Today people are crazy for money and adore the rich; in fact, for many, making money is the sole aim of life until they drop dead! It is also not hard to spot people who are so busy making money that they don’t even have time to live! But this wise man labeled, Plato, was able to prophesize the side effects of accumulating too much wealth long time ago when the world was not ‘developed’ in today’s thinking.

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