Nike Romaleos 2 Gray

Several Lakers are out on the court by this point. Hornets coach Steve Clifford speaks with the swollen media contingent, followed by Lakers coach Byron Scott. They are asked about Kobe, about his health and his play and their memories. Just ran 8 miles in the Pegasus Turbo. I think Nike has a winner with these. It provides great energy return at faster paces, yet is also very comfortable when walking around casually.

Really interesting stuff there. Spurs’ width has to come from the full backs but they couldn’t do anything for the first 20 minutes because they were too busy falling apart in defence. Juve came out aggressive and looked sharper, battering their way to a deserved two goal lead Spurs’ decision making, anticipation and quickness to react nowhere near the level required..

Teams evolve. Opponents adjust. Learned that the Carli Lloyd Lauren Holiday combination wasn’t the way to go in central midfield. There’s an important piece of background here: Bird was going back for his senior year at Indiana State but was draft eligible because he had been in college for four years. Teams knew that, and he went lower than he should have. But that’s no reason for this gaffe from his home state team.

I could take the easy route and say Black Panther is an extended metaphor of the male African experience from diaspora to King, or a direct scene for scene mimic of The Lion King (T literally falls of a cliff on some Mufasa ish). Now let keep it a buck, this movie had a lot of symbolism but to me one very small yet significant symbol was loomed in my mind. The use of Oral history.

Perhaps it’s not quite fair to single LV out, since so many top end brands, too, are as inspired by classic sneakers. Just look at one of Lanvin’s spring offerings: a neoprene sock mid top, which, to me, looks like a barefaced take on Nike ACG’s cult classic, the Air Moc, first seen in 1994. I didn’t expect Nike’s shapeless, sock like shoe to inspire a supremely elegant fashion house, yet it did.

Last week we explored the arguments being usedagainst sustainable agricultural practices being able to feel the world and that only more of the revolution concepts will do. The biggest players in the food industry from pesticide pushers to fertilizer makers to food processors and manufacturers spend billions of dollars every year not selling food, but selling the idea that we need their products to feed the world. Food MythBusters is dedicated to leading the fight against the corporate control of our food system and showing a way to a world where we all have just good food they want to changethe common preconceptions we have about food.

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