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The message is that such disasters can be avoided with the proper precautions. But the truth is that high publicized supply chain issues from melamine tainted milk to unsafe working conditions at factories used by outsourcers to companies like Apple in China have cost multinational brands billions of dollars, not to mention huge reputational downgrades, in recent years. A recent McKinsey survey of global executives found that 2/3rds believed that supply chain risk had increased since the 2008 recession, and executives working in Asian nations were particularly worried 82 percent believed the risks would continue to increase over the next 5 years.

I do the same if I were mayor. You get sued if you take any actions. Enforcing laws is verboten in this city without some well meaning but delusional SJW coming to the next meeting and physically assaulting your staff or trying to sue you. Side shuffle with high knees: To start getting your heart rate up, quickly shuffle from one side to the other. Take a few shuffle steps to one side and begin to raise knees high, up towards your chest, for three seconds. Shuffle to the other side and repeat the high knees motion.

By the end of October, less than 2% of the 7 million Americans government officials hope to enroll in Obamacare by the end of 2014 had signed up. The President didn’t help his own cause when his promise that anyone who liked their current health plan could keep it proved to be untrue. The fallout has been substantial: Obama’s popularity hit an all time low as voters disapproved not just of his performance but also of his personal credibility.

One famous story of Uthman (RA) generosity I would like to mention. It was for the battle of Tabuk, During this time things were not well for some of the believers as most of them were suffering from poverty, and the Prophet Muhammad (SWS) wanted to launch an attack against the Arab vassals of the Roman empire, the reason for this was because the Prophet had heard that the Romans were preparing to wage war against the Muslims so the Prophet (SWS) wanted to deter them. Due to the poverty many Muslims could not join the exhibitions.

Toward the end of 2002, an unlikely partnership sprang up that promised to open even more markets to Reebok. That’s when Williams met Nigo in a manner befitting a world class hip hop producer and an eccentric fashion designer through their jeweler. That would be Jacob the Jeweler, the merchant of bling to hip hop royalty.

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